Bihar Education Project

The organization is responsible for making elementary education stronger by improving education standard in elementary schools. Encouraging school age children to join school and preventing dropouts from school is also its responsibility.The council has District Offices in 37 districts of Bihar. The main office is located in Patna.

Universal Elementary Education

Towards a Rights-based Framework The role of Universal Elementary Education (UEE) for strengthening the social fabric of democracy through provision of equal opportunities to all has been accepted since the inception of our Republic. The original Article 45 in the Directive Principles of State Policy in the Constitution mandated the State to endeavour to provide free and compulsory education to all children up to age fourteen in a period of ten years

All Children In School

Background Universal access to elementaryeducation requires schooling facilities within reasonable reach of all children. If schools are not located in or near the habitations where children reside, children are unlikely to complete schooling, even if they are formally enrolled in schools.

Elementary Education of Equitable Quality

Vision of a Classroom (My Vision) is of an active classroom, where students do not merely sit passively taking notes or listening to lectures. My vision is of a classroom with a buzz of activity. Children are working and involved, alone or in teams, some supported by peers and some supported by the teacher. The classroom is full of colour. It is open and inviting, the atmosphere is charged with energy and enthusiasm; children can be heard laughing, discussing, debating and arguing.